First official order of business:

I am but one person, and South Korean is quite large. In short: I’m gonna need some help! I’m asking for anyone ¬†whose willing to help to fill positions on the site to keep it up and running! To gather information, to find graphics and/or downloads, to translate and find song lyrics, or just people with extra time on their hands! Please! i could really use it

Positions needed:

1. Media Finders (People to find pictures/videos)

2. Downloaders ( upload hq videos)

3. Translators ( People who can translate lyrics. and that means From korean to Roman OR from Korean to English)

4. Informers (News, Information, Updates on Artists)

5. Graphics (People who can make graphics- icons, wallies, banners ect)

6. Moderators

(contributors, editors, authors needed)

And anything else that needs to be added. Obviously i will be doing a little of all, so it’s not all on your shoulders. If you are interested any page you create here will be properly credited to you, and your information will be posted on the Staff page for referral.

If you are interested contact me in an email:

*Only if you’re serious please*

~ Minji


~ by rainbowtongues on April 19, 2009.

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