Big Bang & 2NE1 “Lollipop” Single

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Big bang, along with the newest ‘female Big-bang’ called 2ne1, released their newest song “Lollipop’ on March 27th (With the release of the video following on April 3rd) as a promotion for the LG Cyon. And it has been sweeping music charts everywhere! The colorful song has come in #1 on Mnet, Cyworld and others.

The song, with it’s 80’s style is most definitely addicting. I have been listening to it for a while now over and over. And 2ne1 couldn’t have asked for a BETTER debut song! It draws a lot of attention, well everything with big bang in it will right? XD. If you havent heard it you should definitely check it out!

Especially because of Big Bang’s new look. Lollipop’s never looked better ne? G-dragon rocks the Einstein hair, T.O.P is the hottest nerd ever, TaeYang is just 80’s-tastic, Seungri gets to be a super hero for about 5 minutes, and Daesung is always and forever will be, cute.

2ne1 looks cute too. The colors definitely worked well and their dispositions showed they were having loads of fun! C.L. OWNS hehe. and was i the only one who was reminded of ‘Little Cindy Lou Who’ from Dr. Seuss books, at Sandara’s hair?

This song is as addictive as crack. but much more fun XD I’m obsessed.

okay, okay, enough of me. On to the best part: THE VID AND PIC SPAM WH00T! (GOD Bang Bang, you boys get sexier everyday! x_x)…(*o* i have the same kinda lollipops they do in that pix)

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